Albee Floton Corporation

The Albee Floton Corporation is a technology venture that needed a website to introduce its concept and credentialize itself to potential partners and investors, notably in China.

Draw a Picture
Albee Floton front page

The Albee Floton Corporation came to Go Creative Arts as a new venture seeking a website to complement its presentations to prospective investors, manufacturers, and channel partners, particularly in China. Its asset is a unique technology for driving roads-optional, low environmental impact overland vehicles using a large, low-pressure cushion tire rotated by an external roller above the tire. In addition to the website, the company also wanted a new logo to bring professional, attractive continuity to its website, presentations, business cards, and other collateral.

Our first consideration was to create a logo that would be effective for both Chinese and U.S. audiences. Because the company's pitch is based on the unique attributes of its drive design, we came up with a logo that represents features of the design, abstracted so that it doesn't look like a technical diagram. The resulting logo is attractive to people who don't know anything about the company—and content-laden (and therefore memorable) for people who do know. After researching Chinese branding practices, we chose colors that would be effective and meaningful in both U.S. and Chinese contexts without evoking any existing brands. We validated the logo with Chinese and Chinese-American contacts, some who knew about the company and some who did not.

Albee Floton front page
Tell a Story

For the website, the key was to engage the practical imagination of site visitors. The Albee Floton Corporation isn't selling a product or service; it's selling a design with a multitude of possible applications. For potential partners, this means helping them see how they might use a Floton-drive vehicle to solve current problems and approach future opportunities. For potential investors, it means reassuring them about the credibility of the design and helping them envision the possible impact of their investment.

With these goals in mind, we developed the site to tell two types of stories: one story about the company and the origin of the design, and multiple related stories about possible applications of the design. Research into the history of the company and similar technologies—supplemented by our own in-house expertise in the engineering, construction, logistics, and transportation industries—allowed us to present the stories succinctly, lucidly, and effectively.

The last step was to make the site available in Chinese as well as English. We worked with the company's translator to develop Chinese-language content that was complete down to the level of interface elements (menu items and buttons), appropriately formatted, and in the appropriate professional tone. Site visitors are able to switch languages seamlessly with a single button click.