Cheryl Kelley, Artist

Cheryl Kelley is a renowned photorealist painter who came to Go Creative Arts to reimagine a new online presence to replace an outdated website.

Portrait of the Artist
Cheryl Kelley website

Before site development could start, Cheryl needed a brand identity to anchor her web presence. It’s especially challenging to develop branding for an individual rather than a company. It needed a timeless quality that would represent Cheryl's artistry as well as her best known works: photorealistic paintings of classic and muscle cars. Starting with color, we chose a shade of red known as "Rally Red" as the quintessential "hot" car color. We decided that the design needed to be stylistically modern, in contrast to the nostalgic qualities of her subject matter. The final logo says visually that, despite the retro appeal of classic cars, Cheryl's art is completely contemporary and fresh.

  • I love my website. It captures and conveys my art better than I imagined. Dwight is more than a website designer, he’s a listener and artist himself. That’s the vital difference for me.

Cheryl Kelley website
Magnum Opus

As with her logo, Cheryl's website is a study in contrasts. We created an ultramodern black site that contrasts stylistically with the retro quality of most of her subject matter, using the "Rally Red" of the logo for site accents. We chose black for another reason, too. Photorealism depends on the effective use of white, and any surrounding, competing sources of white can make the works look plastic, especially over a computer monitor. On black, the white points of the paintings become the brightest elements on the screen—allowing Cheryl's works to look their absolute best.

The central feature of the site is a faceted catalog of Cheryl's work. We took ten years' of her paintings and applied metadata so that they can be discovered based on different details such as year, medium, and—for automotive works—the make of the car in the subject. This allows site visitors to find not only paintings that they like, but also similar works. It also allows Cheryl to tag works that are currently for sale or available as prints.

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