Dennis Toombs, Author

Dennis Toombs, Ph.D., is a retired professor of Government and the author of Power: Why We Want It and What to Do With It.

Why He Wanted It
Power book website

Dr. Toombs came to Go Creative Arts seeking a website to promote his new book, published by Prometheus Books in 2016. In addition, he had an existing blog site with a substantial catalogue of entries, which he wanted to preserve and continue adding to on the new site.

Power book website
What We Did With It

Go Creative Arts designed a simple but attractive and functional site that complemented the design of the book cover without reproducing it. We then migrated and re-categorized all the content from Dr. Toombs' old site, creating a tag-based, easy-to-use system for site visitors to find topics that interest them. The result is a site that promotes Dr. Toombs' new book as well as continuing to enlighten readers.