Jaffe Dickerson Legal

Jaffe Dickerson Legal and Consulting, P.C., is a law practice based in Los Angeles which provides strategic and legal advising to employers, executives, nonprofits, and educational agencies. It was founded by Jaffe Dickerson after his retirement from a successful 30-year career in labor and employment law.

Branding the Man
Jaffe Dickerson website

Jaffe Dickerson came to us as he was just starting his firm. He knew he wanted a website; he also knew that the firm needed a brand first. Our starting point was a bit of good, old-fashioned business consulting. What is his mission? How could we define it in a way that would encompass all of his expertise and services? How could we establish his firm's identity in a way that would acknowledge the high standards and individualized service for which he is known?

Because Jaffe's experience and professional connections were critical to the firm's business, the brand needed to convey that hiring "the firm" means hiring Jaffe. We created a logo and mark that emphasize Jaffe's name (and initials) in a font and design that are clear and friendly, but also unique and stylish, like the man himself.

Jaffe Dickerson website
Manning the Brand

Jaffe wanted his firm's website, like its logo, to be polished and professional without seeming "corporate". Extending the core message of the brand to the site, we chose a design that puts Jaffe clearly—and literally—in the foreground. Plenty of white space, along with stylistic elements such as a soft gray-on-white pinstripe border, suggest that Jaffe is accomplished and self-assured, while also open and approachable.

The challenge regarding content was how to bring together a wide variety of disparate service offerings under a single mission. We organized the portfolio two ways: into four general types of clients served, and into three major service lines. This allows prospective clients to identify their need readily, using whichever facet work best for them, and easily determine that he's a good fit—without having to wade through a long list of unrelated services.

The site was also built with the future in mind, including the ability to add features such as blogging and events, which were not present at rollout.