Kan Wealth Management

Kan Wealth Management is a financial advising and investment services provider based in California's Silicon Valley.

East Meets West
Kan Wealth Management website

Kan Wealth Management asked Go Creative Arts to develop a polished website that would complement the "East Meets West" theme of the firm's logo. The logo had been designed to highlight the company's roots in and connections with Asian and Asian-American communities in California. Our goal was to choose colors, styling elements, and images that would not seem out of place in a specifically Asian or Asian-American context, but that would also be fresh and appealing to the general public.

Kan Wealth Management website
Find Yourself

Like many financial advising firms, Kan provides a large variety of financial products and services—most of which are best explained in consultative meetings between advisor and client. Understanding this, we worked with Kan to develop three ideal client profiles representing typical needs. The narratives around the profiles help prospective customers identify with circumstances and general lines of service, without being overwhelmed by details about every available product or service. Besides reducing decision fatigue, this helps "future-proof" the site, allowing the firm to change or add to its products and services without having to update the site constantly.