Madison Park Advisors

Madison Park Advisors is an established financial advisory firm with a long history of providing financial planning and personal investment services in the Seattle area.

Madison Park Advisors website

Madison Park Advisors came to Go Creative Arts for a website and to refresh their logo, which they thought had grown stale. We saw immediately that the old logo employed a font which—while classic and stylish—was recognizably associated with a different, major brand. Honoring their request to keep the changes small, we preserved the logo concept and changed the style and font to make it look more polished, refined, and contemporary. This provided a reassuring continuity with the older mark for their long-established clients—and it also meant that they would not need to replace all of their existing branded collateral at once.

Madison Park Advisors website
Siteless in Seattle

For all the years Madison Park Advisors had been in business, the firm had never had a website. Now, however, they were finding that they needed a web presence to credentialize themselves to succeeding generations of their current clients, as well as to potential new clients. They had two main requirements: they wanted the site to emphasize their location in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest; and they wanted it to be simple, polished, and refined, like their new logo. We developed a site with images of Seattle and the surrounding area. Brief explanations of their services appear in mouse-over callouts, rather than in a deep page structure, and the site's primary emphasis is on the accomplished individuals who make up the team.