SHEafter—short for Surviving Happily Ever After—is an organization based in Southern California dedicated to helping breast cancer survivors find their "new normal" after active treatment has ended. Its founder, Donna Valentine, is a consultant and Physician Assistant, who has specialized in breast cancer care for nearly 20 years.

Mind the Gap
SHEafter website

The best companies start with the kernel of an idea and a mission. Donna Valentine came to Go Creative Arts with both. She wanted to leverage her vast experience working with breast cancer patients to fill a gap that she had observed between patients being released from treatment and resuming their lives. Importantly, she wanted to bring real research and validated treatment recommendations to bear on the issue, speaking as a medical professional rather than a self-help guru.

That was as far as she had gotten. She was still writing a business plan and assembling an advisory team when she called us to talk about branding and a website. As a result, we were able to work closely with her to help define her service offerings and map out a strategic approach to creating, and then extending, her brand.

  • I want to thank you profusely for all your help and inspiration in helping to make SHEafter come alive.  

SHEafter website
Bridge the Gap

Our first goal was to establish SHEafter's core message. We had many discussions to pin down details about the target audience and find the right language to speak to them and their loved ones without diminishing their experience or resorting to cliché. Donna's biography was key to positioning her as a credentialed medical professional with the right kind of experience; however, we wanted to make sure that the entire message resonated with her perspective. Later, we helped her establish a sales strategy, and distilled the message and service offerings in a small, enticing leave-behind brochure that a doctor or patient could slip into their purse or pocket to review later.

We had several goals in developing the logo and mark: it couldn't seem out of place in a medical or pharmaceutical setting; the colors had to be distinct from other breast cancer related brands; and it needed to convey quality of life. We created a dancing figure resembling a DNA helix, which Donna nicknamed "Diane" after her sister, who survived three years after being diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. This figure is the centerpiece of the logo and appears in different poses throughout the website and literature.

The website was built to be expandable, so it could be aligned with future goals of the business. Besides features such as a blog, events, and a portal to an off-site vendor, we also built into the infrastructure capabilities that were not present at rollout—such as videos and e-commerce.