Urban Wealth Management

Urban Wealth Management is a financial advisory firm in Los Angeles made up of a team of accomplished women whose mission is to make financial planning and investment accessible to other women.

Smart Women, Savvy Money
Urban Wealth Management website

Urban Wealth Management came to Go Creative Arts for a brand new website that would support compliance with SEC requirements for web hosting and content management. We built their website from the ground up, including support for regular blogging, video posting, and a full calendar of webinars, workshops, and speaking engagements—emphasizing throughout the company's focus on empowering women to manage their money.

  • Thank you for all your help in making my website come alive!

Urban Wealth Management website
Living a Life of Your Design

Since the rollout of the website, Go Creative Arts has continued to provide marketing services to Urban Wealth Management. In addition to providing technical site support, we began managing the website content, making sure that the site is always up to date and improving the quality, consistency, and searchability of the content. We also assisted in expanding the firm's social media presence, significantly increasing its following and improving engagement. Most recently, we worked with Urban Wealth Management to align the website with new messaging and brand elements, making sure that it remains fresh and responsive to the firm's needs and its clients' expectations.