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Marketing automation has opened up a wealth of new opportunities for interacting with customers. Early on in the sales process, it can help you connect with people and build engagement naturally. As relationships mature, well-designed automation delivers valuable information and keeps customers coming back. We design automated communications that are relevant, timely, and give the customer a good reason to respond. 

If you’re just starting out, automation can help you build your contact list — by inviting website visitors to sign up for email messages — at the same time that it builds your credibility. The more contacts you have, the more essential automation is for strengthening client relationships and cultivating repeat business. 

Go Creative Arts has partnered with SharpSpring, an industry-leading provider of marketing automation software, and maintains a Silver Certification. By combining our strategic insights with their best-in-class tools, we can design campaigns that leverage your website, social media, email, and CRM to identify new leads and nurture existing ones. 

We get your message out the right way at the right time.  Contact us today to discuss:

  • Email, website, and social media integration
  • Email design and authoring
  • Mass email delivery and analytics
  • Forms and workflow automation
  • Subscriptions and drip campaigns