Branding & Messaging

old notarial wax seal

The essence of branding is identity, and it has been a part of human communications for millennia. The first time a scribe affixed the king’s seal to a document to indicate its authenticity — that was branding. 

The art of branding is to provide a visual identity that instantly confirms the validity and value of your words and actions. Logo design is an important part of branding, but it's just one piece of whole suite of visual cues that confirm your capability and trustworthiness to other people. Branding is crucial to organizational identity and underpins every message you want to send about your business.

In our experience, the number one opportunity missed by small businesses is the chance to impress with their brand. A polished, well-crafted brand distinguishes you among your peers and gives you the credibility to compete with larger companies with deeper pockets. 

Go Creative Arts delivers logos and other branding assets that are meaningful, memorable, and useful in all the places they’re needed — whether it’s in print, in presentations, on billboards, or on a website that scales from desktop to mobile. Our award-winning approach provides small businesses with economical ways to build and enhance their brand, so that customers (and prospective customers) make the crucial connection between a company's identity and the quality of its products and services.

We deliver brilliant first impressions and brand recognition. Contact us to discuss:

  • Brand strategy
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